What is Simoniz Double Bond With Teflon?

Simoniz Double BondTM is the only Teflon brand protective coating available
that can be automatically applied to your vehicle in a commercial car wash.  
Simoniz DoubleBondTM is applied during the rinse cycle (just after the drying
agent) and takes no extra time. Simoniz DoubleBondTM is a film forming process
that cures as it dries on your vehicle. The next time it rains or your vehicle is
washed, water will bead up and fall off like never before. Additional applications
of Simoniz DoubleBondTM will only enhance durability. Independent tests run
at the DuPont Experimental Station Show that Simoniz DoubleBondTM will last
up to 30 days on a vehicles surface when continually exposed to the
environment 24 hours a day.